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  • Wellington Boot Manufacturer off-white cotton lining

    Off-white cotton lining

    100% cotton, breathable, sweat-absorbent, economical.

    The most commonly used and ideal rain boots lining.

    Wellington Boot Manufacturer solid color cotton lining

    Solid color cotton lining

    Pure cotton, same as off-white lining but add value to rain boots.
    Colorful lining makes rain boots adorable and nicer.

    Wellington Boot Manufacturer printed cotton lining

    Printed cotton lining

    Rain boots can be made more fashionable by adding elements to the lining.

    Stripes, characters, logos... will make your rain boots stand out from the rest.

    Wellington Boot Manufacturer short plush lining

    Short plushing for cold winter

    Soft and comfy lining, the best choice for winter time.

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